Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Mr. Bernstrom's archery classes

Seniors hanging out in New York City!

2017 NHS Members (Back L-R) Finn, Kasey, Nick, Jacob, Andrew, Brad, Zach, Karin, and Gus.
(Front L-R) Madyson, Taylor, Hallie, Sydney, Hannah, Lexi, and Dani
Right: Junior Ensemble: Jadyn, Brad, Nick, Nathan, Zach

Mr. Weberg's anatomy class toured the new UND Medical Building. Left: Ellie, Mr. Weberg, Lexi, John Doe, Sydney, Bryden, and Taylor. Right: Taylor and Sydney and Dolly.

Presley won the Grand Champion award for her science project "Force of Flight". Shelby won Runner-Up for her project "Growing Leather". Congratulations!

Mrs. Jones' physics class engineered paper cars using two pieces of paper, wire, two wheels, and hot glue. Each car carried an egg and had to successfully go down a ramp and crash into a wall without breaking the egg. Mady and Dawson's car won the competition!

Genna Holm tapping a maple tree in Mr. Lehrke's class. 

Ms. Schultz's math classes celebrated Pi day. Matthew won the Pi contest by memorizing 88 digits! Vanessa works on a Pi chart.

Mr. Weberg and the anatomy class visit the Kittson Memorial lab: Ellie, Lexi, Sydney, Bryden

Thursday: "Thing 1 & Thing 2 Day" (hats)

Wednesday: "Cuddle Up to a Good Book Day" (PJs)

Tuesday: "Cat in the Hat Day" (stripes)

Monday: "Fox in Socks Day"

(check out the Facebook page for more pics)

L: Lexi hit her 1000th point on Monday night!  R: Andrew and Lexi were named Kittson Central's Triple A Winners (Academics; Arts; Athletics).





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